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By @german_malaver

At Escribe Germador every day we feel happy, because in less than six months we’ve had unforgettable experiences, among them: that people like you read us, comment us, suggest us, be on the lookout with our post and on the other hand that our guests grant us the interviews, even if they’re traveling. For us a blog and media is a gesture of humility, sensitivity and we will never have words of thanks for it.

It is for this reason that we strive to make our friends feel comfortable with the interview, giving them the power of the word, to express themselves freely, that they undress the soul, that they tell us their experiences, without any interruption, but with a lot of respect, granting them the prominence. As in the case of our guest today, a British woman who didn’t hesitate to tell us no, and took a special time in her trip to India, with you Suzi Grant, better known as Alternative Ageing.

G. M. Mrs. Grant for me, it is a pleasure, a privilege, an honour and a truly satisfaction to be able to carry out this interview, because you’re synonymous of enjoying it to the fullest, I follow you on the different social networks and I’m really touched by each trip you make, the emotional messages that you leave, or watch your channel on YouTube with the different tips that you leave, full of wisdom and fun. And today I’ve the opportunity to have you in this dream rang Escribe Germador, I’m really stunned, I can only say thank you for this time.

A. A. Germán thank you very much for these words, for me it’s an honour that you have contacted me, I’m happy to be here on this beautiful platform.

– G. M. It’s an honour Mrs. Grant!

Do we start the interview?

– A. A. Of course!

G. M. O. K. Who is Suzan Grant?

A. A. I’m a broadcaster, an author and a blogger. I spent most of her working life as a TV and Radio host, trained as a nutritionist and wrote three health books (before discovering the joys of blogging). I now do YouTube videos, blogs and Instagram for women over 50 to inspire them to not fear ageing and to age healthily and stylishly. Strangely, half of my 19k followers on Instagram are under 35.

G. M. Congratulations classmate! Of reason that admiration (Laughter). What a blessing!, I think it’s stunning, what you’ve reflected in your social networks. And among those under 35, I include myself.

A. A. (Laughter), I know, sometimes I see your post, by the way they are fun and interesting too. Thank you, yes sir you’re part of the club of the young people who follow me.

G. M. (Laughter).

Now tell me, Why do you like fashion, especially vintage?

A. A. I don’t like fashion, I like style!, there is difference. I care passionately about the planet, so I’m a big fan of re-cycling, pre-loved and vintage clothing because a) I am not buying fast fashion and b) the clothes are always so different from clothes in the shops. They’re more individual.

G. M. I loved! The truth is that vintage clothing gives an unique touch to each person.

– A. A. You are right!

G. M. Let’s continue. I’m excited!

Why do you decide to be a blogger?

A. A. Because I could bring together all my previous working experience, without the stress! I love photography, making videos and sharing advice about healthy living and dressing stylishly with a niche audience of women who care about natural ageing, natural products and dressing up with whatever they’ve in their wardrobes to save on money and do their bit for the planet!

G. M. I’m overwhelmed with your answers, I see that you’re a woman with such a clear and concise thought that it is a pleasure to talk with you.

– A. A. Thanks so much! You’re so kind.

G. M. It is a honour madame!

And tell me, Does you’re family support you in this dream?

A. A. Yes, my two godchildren both suggested that I became a blogger, they thought it perfect for me and they were right!

– G. M. Say hello to your godchildren both please, they had a great idea.

– A. A. Of course! I’ll greet them on your behalf.

– G. M. Thank you!

Now let’s talk about your books. Why do you decide to write them?

– A. A. I trained as a nutritionist and then wrote three books to pass on natural ageing advice for body, mind and spirit! My latest book has been republished , this year, as Alternative Ageing, and is our now on Amazon in a new handbag size and a pretty blue front cover!

– G. M. Congratulations!

– A. A. Thanks so much, you’re so kind!

G. M. It is a pleasure madame!

And tell me, How do you see fashion worldwide?

– A. A. I think we need to stop buying into “this is in fashion, and that is in fashion”, it should be all about how ethically produced is the item I’m about to buy? I am more keen on updating whatever women have in their cupboards to style up an outfit and get more wear out of it.

– G. M. Great idea! It is stunning!

– A. A. Thanks!

– G. M. No problem madame!

And say me, What are your fashion influences?

– A. A. I don’t really have pf fashion influence. I prefer having my own individual style, but my first inspiration came from Ari Seth Cohen, of Advanced Style, who photographs the most amazing, older women all over the world to show that ageing need not be dull. These women have an incredible sense of style.

G. M. Yes, I’m following in Ari‘s footsteps, it would be a pleasure to have him here. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with women who have been part of the world of style, such as Beatrix Ost, Tziporah Salamon, The Contessa, and you (of course), and it has been really wonderful.

– A. A. Talented women.

– G. M. You’re very right!

And tell me, What has been the experience of travelling to such magical places?

– A. A. I go back to Australia nearly every year because it’s such a happy place! I’ve many friends there and family so it is like my second home. I love being able to wake up in the morning and put just a couple of items of clothing on for a long walk along the beach and the food is so good and healthy there.

– G. M. A nice plan!

– A. A. Yeah!

– G. M. And to finish this interview, you used to talk about Ari Seth, tell me, How was the experience of working with him?

– A. A. Is it over? I was happy in this pleasant interview.

I love working with good photographers because they being out the very best inside your soul rather than just your face.

Photography is main passion so it’s always a joy to learn from the best!

G. M. I loved every answer! Again, thank you very much for your time, it has been an interesting and nutritious interview.

– A. A. Thanks to you Germán! I had fun and enjoyed this time.

I’d like to leave a message, Will you let me?

– G. M. Of course!

– A. A. Thanks!

For me ageing is about staying as healthy as possible, with lifestyle and diet, and refusing to become invisible by dressing up just for fun and adding lots of colour to an outfit, even if it’s just accessories such as hats, sunglasses or big necklaces, and going out into the world with a big smile on your face! The happier I feel, the lovelier people are to me so I’m no longer invisible.

For more information visit her website:

To see each advice she prepares, visit her YouTube channel:

To buy her books, following the next link:

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