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By @german_malaver

In our blog Escribe Germador we feel honoured with each guest, because we know they live busy and still give us their time to do the interview, regardless of time, weather or if they are on a trip, like today’s super guest, she is French but she was in Dubai and she treated us very well, and we want to thank her for being so kind and for believing in our blog, from France with you Nicole Jordi.

G. M. In advance I want to thank you for accepting this interview, it is an honour to have you at Escribe Germador, knowing that you are with your sister enjoying on of the most beautiful places in the such as Dubai. Thanks, again.

N. J. Thanks to you Germán for your invitation, there will always be time for a great interview.

G. M. Thank you madame, you are very kind.

Let’s start. Who is Nicole Jordi?

N. J. I am a 71 year old woman, mother of  four and grandmother of three. I have worked  with Air France as a flight attendant and pirser for 25 years and then I was an instructor in the airline.

G. M. Really? I tell you that you’re the first woman, who tells me the age without complexes (Laughter).

It must have been wonderful, it’s a great profession . Congratulations!

N. J. (Laughter), there is no reason to be ashamed of the age, when you have lived splendidly.

– G. M. You are correct! But still there are women who are ashamed because they got a grey hair, they have wrinkles on their face, or simply because their body had some change. But you look wonderful!

N. J. (Laughter), Thank you!

G. M. You tell me you were a stewardess and then an instructor. How do you start your artistic life then?

– N. J. When I finally retired (At the age of 60 years old), I happened to see in a magazine an announcement for a competition of senior models, for fun, I applied and was selected.

G. M. Surprising! In Colombia we have a saying and it is “What is for us, it’s for us”, and that opportunity was definitely for you, Congratulations! I see your post in the different social networks and I follow you on the YouTube channel and I see that you enjoy what do you do and that seems cool to me, that you are fulfilling your dreams.

N. J. Thanks Germán you’re very kind. Thanks so much for your words.

G. M. It is a pleasure madame!

Mrs. Jordi, tell me, Does your family support you in your dream?

N. J. Yes, they think it is a good way to keep me active and in good shape.

G. M. And they are absolutely right, there is no better medicine, than to see the people you love making their dreams come true.

N. J. That is what they tell me, and I enjoy everything I do.

G. M. I am glad for you! And what is coming will be better.

Tell me, How do you decide to create a blog?

N. J. More than a blog is my website that helps me find contracts, because I need to communicate and Facebook and Instagram have been a great tool to do so.

G. M. And you use social networks very well, I follow you on Instagram and Facebook and I like all your post because I think it is too artistic. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

N. J. I also follow you.

G. M. Of course madame! Thanks so much!

Now, tell me, What does fashion mean to you?

N. J. It is importante to feel good in my simple, but modern outfits, but I am not addicted to fashion, jeans and sweaters are great. But whenever I have a chance to be on a catwalk, I just love wearing extraordinary clothes.

G. M. I love your style, you look great.

And tell me, How do you see fashion in France?

N. J. Fabulous!

G. M. I imagine, France will always be France I love it!

And, What do you think of the new concepts in fashion?

N. J. Mmmm… not much.

G. M. Do not worry, I understand you.

– N. J. Thanks so much boy!

G. M. No problem madame.

Mmm, In your own words, define your style Mrs. Jordi, please.

N. J. Simple, modern.

G. M. I would add feminine, elegant and casual.

N. J. (Laughter) Thank you! You’re very kind.

G. M. It is a pleasure!

Well, tell me, What experiences did the different trips you have made leave you?

N. J. As a former flight attendant, I love to travel, and when it is for work, I find it very gratifying. For instance, I has a shooting for Club Med in México.

G. M. Oh yeah! I saw, in your reel a video where you are on a cruise. Fantastic! You’re really incredible.

N. J. Thanks so much Germán!

G. M. It is a honour. And tell me, Who has been your greatest artistic influence?

N. J. The french model Inès de la Fressange.

G. M. She is a global icon of fashion, style, design and perfumery. What a great reference you have, Mrs. Jordi.

And to finish this wonderful interview, tell me, Have you considered writing an autobiographical book?

N. J. No!

G. M. It is a shame, it would be a sensational, because you are an open book full of great stories, I would be the first to acquire it.

Thank you very much Mrs. Jordi for your time, it was a pleasure to have shared a cosy time with you. Enjoy your trip!

G. M. Thank you! More than an interview was a meeting between friends, thanks so much for contacting me. Best wishes to you, greetings to Colombia, Nicole.

To learn more about this beautiful woman, visit her website on:

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    1. Thanks so much madame! You’re the best, I loved your new post. I will never tire of thanking you for believing on this blog, in your blog. I love you! 😘


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